Naked with the Enneagram

Do you really know yourself, what you deeply desire?

How many times have you acted against your own self-interest, then asked yourself why did I do that? Why did I say that to a loved one? Why did I procrastinate on that project? Why did I stop doing that one thing that makes me feel great?

 The Enneagram has the answers.

Do you want the key to your happily ever after?

This book will get you there by:

πŸ“–   Offering a detailed six-part self-test to help you identify the type that most suits you, along with specific wings, subtypes, and more...

πŸ“–   Presenting comprehensive explorations of all 9 Enneagram types β€” and advice on how to use the Enneagram as the powerful self-discovery tool that it is

πŸ“–   Sharing a dedicated self-development section for each type respectively – chockful of activities, exercises, and practical tips and tricks for personal growth

πŸ“–   Sharing a spirituality section for the types where the struggles, life lesson, and path of integration are covered

πŸ“–   Giving you printable affirmations, transformations, and fun and super relatable quotes to share

πŸ“–   Peeling all of the layers of the Enneagram, and explaining all aspects – no stones left unturned

πŸ“–   Showing common mistakes people make when identifying their Enneagram type, and how to avoid them and get an accurate result

πŸ“–   Revealing to you the compatibility level between the types, so you can find out how well your personality matches other people

πŸ“–   & Much much more

Once you read the book, you will immediately be ready to:

πŸ”–   Take advantage of the self-development activities to find the hidden map to your happy self

πŸ”–   Recognize when your actions align with your ultimate goal and motivation and when you need to work on your behavior to transform your personality

πŸ”–   Find out how your unique personality can excel at a professional level

πŸ”–   Overcome your fears and destructive thinking and feeling patterns

πŸ”–   Understand why things happen to you and how you can maximize your own potential

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What readers are saying

β€œA must have book if you want to deep dive into who you really are.” 

β€œThis book will send you on a path toward the healthiest and most complete version of yourself.” 

β€œGet this book if you are not happy and you don’t know why, if you don’t feel fulfilled. It will transform you. ” 

β€œIt will help to understand better your friends and family, as well as co-workers. You’ll be a better judge of characters.” 

β€œJust the right amount of information – easy to follow and understand, not boring, repetitive or too academic.” 

β€œThe most accurate Enneagram test I found so far.”

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