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Adriana TENORA is the pen name of an author who is dedicating her life to personal development. As a lifelong learner, she constantly reinvents herself through self-discovery work. She can usually be found reading or listening to anything related to mastering the best version of yourself; personal development, wellness, nutrition, health, success and fulfillment. Over the years, she made intermittent fasting a lifestyle, taught herself three foreign languages, lived in different countries, ran businesses and also had different careers in various industries. And she continues to discover new ways to push and improve herself. 

Adriana is a non-fiction author, engineer, and entrepreneur. As a trained engineer she writes in a structured, accurate, and candid way, all while keeping it friendly and playful. Her inspiration comes from a combination of science-backed research and personal experience. Following her obsession with certain topics, she devours all the content available and finds ways to adapt and improve it. 

When not absorbed in the latest books and podcasts, Adriana loves traveling, boxing, her partner’s cooking, mostly loses when playing Rummikub with her family, and has a weird superpower – the super smell. She currently lives in Paris, enjoying the famous French croissant between writing sessions.

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